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DC Film Fest - Solitaire (Sophie Boutros)

Lebanese writer-director Sophie Boutros and Jordanian writer-producer Nadia Eliewat have taken up the challenge of capturing Lebanon and Syria's checkered history of conflict and heartache with an added element of comedy. Therese is the wife of a mayor of a small village in Lebanon. The highly anticipated visit of her daughter's suitor's family causes much excitement in her life. Therese's brother, who was killed during fighting with Syrian troops 20 years ago, still features heavily in the family's home and looms large through photographs all around the house. Therese shares her happiness with her deceased brother—through his photographs—until she discovers that her long-awaited guests are from Syria. When Therese cannot contain her personal prejudices, the film turns increasingly farcical as she makes outlandish attempts to thwart the union. With charming performances, this film successfully balances warm-hearted laughs with timely social insight.—Various sources

In Arabic with English subtitles